1. “The greatest friend of truth is time,her greatest enemy is prejudice,and her constant companion is humility”–Charles C. Colton

2. We are mindful that we are human and we tend to forget things – M.B. Dongban

3. I urge us to not be discouraged by the lack of proper appreciation of our work. Let us continue to work sacrificially

4. We are arbiters to adjudicate dispassionately and decide in accordance with the law 

5. Our job is to decide the law as it is and not as it ought to be 

6. Look at the facts and apply the law without fear or favour

7. Be reminded of what is expected of you 

8. Any judge who does not read the Law Reports is headed in the wrong direction 

9. When you read, you are exhibiting the true character of a judge because you seek to know 

10. We never stop learning until we drop dead

11. You have a lot to learn. Ask questions as much as possible.